Dear Customer:

Jiashan Marginal Bearing Co., Ltd. since officially launched, 365 days a year, all day Heli-oriented groups of customers, distributors and service providers to provide standardized, family-oriented, personalized, professional service. Wherever and whenever you need advice, assistance, complaints or other help, the Center staff will sincerely provide you with quality service.

Jiashan Marginal Bearing Co., Ltd. to provide you Services:

1. Comprehensive and detailed consulting services:

Accessories advice: including bearing guide price, models, specifications, distribution, distribution network, brand accessories forgery knowledge;

2. Accepting all kinds complaints in a timely manner

Product quality and type of complaints;

Sales, service complaints.

3. All kinds of customer care return visit

Caring return visit after warranty service;

The new purchases Friendly prompt a return visit;

Consult your comments and suggestions Heli products, accessories and services.

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