How much do you know about the gasket?

MarginalBearing tells  you the effect, mechanism and factors that affecting the sheet gasket.

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The effect of the sealing gasket is to obstruct the leakage of the sealed medium, and the form of the leakage valve copper sleeve can be divided into interface leakage and soak leakage. The reason for the formation of interface leakage is usually due to the loosening of the pressure between the sealing surfaces, the aging, deformation, corrosion, abrasion or burning of the sealing surfaces and the existence of mechanical oscillations under operating conditions. The leakage and leakage are related to the variety of sealing gasket materials, manufacturing methods, the nature of the sealed medium, and operating pressure, temperature and other factors.

In theory, even if a gasket is selected, it is impossible to complete a thorough touch between the sealing surfaces so that there are no micro channels or voids. Although these channels are extremely narrow, the molecular volume relative to the fluid medium is sufficient Large, so that the fluid is completely blocked at the edge of the sealed surface is impossible, there will always be part of the fluid into the sealing touch surface, and there will be a messy hydrodynamic and thermodynamic process in between. It is generally thought that after the fluid enters the extremely thin and irregular gaps between the sealing surfaces, the resistance of the attack will be lost during its activity to consume its energy, and the boundary layer that will stop on the walls of these gaps will occur together, and then make the fine The channel becomes narrower and even completely blocked, so that the fluid entering the sealing surface cannot continue to move, and then the sealing is completed.

The main factors affecting the sealing are the following conditions: the appearance of the sealing surface; the touch width of the sealing surface; the nature of the fluid; the temperature of the fluid; the raw material of the gasket; the pretension applied on the sealing surface; Influence (mainly the oscillation of the system, the deformation of the connector, the azimuth deviation of the device, etc.) If the seal is to be reliable, it is necessary to carefully consider these factors, and the quality and selection of the gasket are also crucial.

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