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MG-2Y SP Strip Standard Metric Size MG-2Y SP Strip Standard Metric Size

◆ Introduction:

MG-2Y can work for a long time without oil in the condition of prelubricated with lubrication indents design. It is widely applied in metallurgy machinery, mining machinery, water conservancy machinery, automobile, building machinery, agriculture machinery, rolling steel industry etc.

◆ Material Structure

1. POM with fiber 0.3~0.5mm

2. Porous bronze 0.2~0.35mm

3. Steel backing 0.4~2.2mm

4. Plated coating: Tin plating 0.005mm or Copper plating 0.008mm


Technical Data

Technical Data
Very low speed140N/mm
Roatating oscillating 70N/mm
Max. PV (dry running)3N/mm ·m/s
Temp. limit -40~+110
Friction coenncient 0.05~0.20
Max. speedGrease Lubrication: 2m/s
Oil continued to  >2m/s
Thermal conductivity 50 W(m·k)-1
Coenncient of thermal expansion 11×10 ·K
Initial pre-lubrication at assembly is strongly  recommended

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SelectInquiryStandard No.Dimension(mm)
L±1W±1Ss -0.05
P 500 150 1
P 500 150 1.5
P 500 150 2
P 500 150 2.5

1. Good load capacity and anti-wear.

2. It is used in high load capacities and low speed with rotating, oscillating or frequent stop-start motion.

3. It can work for a long time without oil in the condition of boundary lubrication, but to oil or grease lubrication periodically, the working life span will become longer.

4. It is machinable for the thicker layer of POM.

5. The bushes can be applied  in auto chassis, forging machines, metallurgicals, civil engineerings, power stations, strip rolling industries etc.

6. MG-2Y is widely used in the machine where lead is unacceptable.