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MG-1S Stainless Steel Pb-free Self-lubricating Bearing

◆ Introduction:

MG-1S is with oil resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and seawater resistant, more over, there is leadfree in the PTFE layer so it is particularly fit for bushings in food stuff machines, alkali fow meters, pumps motion elements in pharmaceutical machines, printing machines chemical engineering machines and other ocean industry.

◆ Material Structure

1. PTFE with  Oil fibre 0.01~0.03mm

2. Porous bronze  0.2~0.35mm

3. Stainless steel backing  0.7~2.3mm


Technical Data

Technical Data
Dynamic Load 140N/mm
Max Line Speed VDry running  2.5m/s
Oil Lubrication:5m/s
Maximum PV ValueDry running 3.6N/mm ·m/s
Oil Lubrication:50N/mm ·m/s
Friction CoefDry running 0.05~0.20
Oil Lubrication:0.02~0.05
Temp. limit -195~+280
Thermal conductivity 42 W(m·k)-1
Coenncient of thermal expansion 12×10 ·K

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1. PTFE mixture can protect the shaft, while machine is running in operation.

2. It is with low friction coeffcient, a good anti-wear.

3. Good running-in property.

4. It fits well in motion of rotation, swinging and reciprocation.

5. Good anti-corrosion.

6. It can be used in food machines, pharmaceutical equipments etc, due to lead-free.

7. Typically, it is mainly used in the conditions of acid and alkali, such as chemical industry  (such as pumps, valves etc.) and printing & dyeing machinery, marine industry.