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MG-EPB Series MG-EPB Series

◆ Structure  

MG-EPB series material is a thermal mould character plastic processed by crystal engineering plastic as basic material with proper intensifier and lubricant. The rigidity and high temperature engineer capability is greatly improved because of the use of intensifier, at the same time, the coefficient of thermal expansion, moulding shrinking rate and wriggle capability decreases, consequently, the size stability is improved, and EPB series material range is enlarged and keeps the intrinsic anti-wear capability and anti-drug capability.


◆ Material Structure:


◆ Features:

•Maintenance-free dry operation

•Excellent wear resistance

•Lower friction

•Lower moisture absorption

•Chemical solvent resistance

•Nice insulated

•Save space and light

•Mass production with lower cost

•Can meet RoHS standard

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Typical Applications: Office machinery, Electronic products, Textile machinery, Fitness machinery, Agricultural machinery, Packaging machinery, Automotive industry.